cabana candlelight dinner
Cabana Candlelight Dinner by CheerfulWe`
cabana candlelight dinner
Cabana Candlelight Dinner by CheerfulWe`

Cabana Candlelight Dinner by CheerfuWe


Surprise your partner with Cabana Candlelight Dinner

Address : Nehru Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462003

Available In : Bhopal

Note : Please Check Availability before Booking.



Cabana Candlelight Dinner by CheerfulWe

The idea is to set a picturesque dinner for the couple in the dim light fading into the setting of the sun beside the Cabana. Having classy and sparkling dinner together would bring your thoughts closer than your words. This unique take on dinner would overwhelm your soul and brings you inner peace. This place is set up at Hills View Restaurant by it’s people who are extra talented and blessed by so many skills. The restaurant with their masterpieces of floral centerpieces at each table. The place is opened from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. every day. CheerfulWe will draft a unique message for each and every couple on booking with us. That message would not be presented in a simple manner but in a manner that you will love to see and have a click with it. It would be a message on the FLOOR besides your table with rose petals.. Under the table you will sit, a heart would be made and decorated by the rose petals. As red rose signifies the flower of love, the table would also be decorated by rose petals and also with Cabana Setup which turn Candlelight dinner into “Cabana Candlelight Dinner”. Moving with this pleasant aura,To create an ambiance between you two,You can add  a Champagne and 2 Cocktail .In the food there would be Starter, Main Course and Dessert. No one in this smart moving world, just want to eat in a restaurant and go, they want to show their intense love in a remarkable manner, although they are short of time they want to show that they still love each other to every corner of the heart.


  1. Cabana Candlelight Dinner Setup
  2. 4 Course Meal
  3. Petal Decoration
  4. Candle Decoration
  5. Included of all taxes

Add-on Available-

  1. Cake – Rs 500
  2.  Guitarist – Rs 1200
  3. Bouquet- Rs 600
  4. Champagne- Rs 1200

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