Best New Year Party for Family and Couples in Bhopal?

Lets Welcome 2018 in a CAMPING PARTY way with your family, loved ones … Are you Ready for it ??
Package Start with Rs 3500

Strictly for Couples and Family

Who don’t love to enjoy, don’t love to spend the leisure time with their special ones and don’t want to fill their new year with fresh memories. All most everyone start searching it for, since a long time. Young generation has curiosity to do every time something new in their life, which is sporty and which gives them pleasure.
This is what one imagine only at high peaks, in mountains or in dessert, but this is now possible in your own city Bhopal, in People’s mall in open space near the water. Yes, just give it a thought which is real and not your imagination. CheerfulWe is bringing you this for the first time. It has planned for your every second, which will be like:

Camping New year party bhopal

Day 1 – 31 December

06.00PM – Tea & Snacks Activities
07.00PM – Enjoy Sunset & cozy evening
08.00PM – Soup & Camp fire & Barbeque
09.00PM – Delicious Buffet dinner (Veg/Non-Veg) will be ready at dining area. Guess what the BBQ is UNLIMITED! Dig in till you are stuffed.
10.00PM – Celebration begins with different activities
12.00AM – Welcome 2018 & Celebration Dance
01.00AM- Campfire and Tent Stay

Day 2 – 1st January

08.00AM – Good morning with beautiful sunrise
09.00AM – Breakfast
10.00AM – Checkout Campsite

tent decorated


A  Theme Cake of 2018, Props and Selfie Point


1. Always good to Extra pair of Clothes
2. Winter & Warm clothes as it will be cold at night
3. Water Bottle to keep your thirst away
4. Camera to capture the scenic view.

Package for Stack Entry- Rs 1300
Package for Couple Entry- Rs 3500
Package for Couple Entry- Rs 4500 ( 1 Night Stay )
Package for Family of Three- Rs 4999 (kid age less than 13 years)
Package for Family of Four- Rs 6999 ( A kid age less than 13 Years)
Package for Family of Five- Rs 8999
Group entry Closed

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Pizza Theme Birthday Party

There is so much to unfold for the upcoming birthday party starting with gifts to give, venue to decide for the party, decorations, music to groove on, food to eat ,etc. You do not wish to slip even by a narrow margin to make this special day a wonderful one. So have you geared yourself properly? Well if yes then you should start hitting the most prodigious theme as the day only knocks once every year. And you just have the memories and pictures of it to embrace. Pizza theme birthday party can certainly swing the right note.

The idea in itself is so amazing to hear as it is all about transforming everything from decoration to food items look like a pizza. Each and every point about a pizza theme party is utterly delicious and fun. You can have a cake looking like a giant pizza for the big feast. You can indulge the guests in activities or games of pizza cooking. Using some ready to use crusts and cheese or just add the elements of twist in the usual games using pizza and stuff.

Do not oversight the decoration segment as it is the most to attract. Add a photo booth with some funky props like chef’s hat,pizza making apron,mustache ,etc. Bring about the most prime pizza colors and that can be white and red or black and white as well. Use them to adorn the whole venue properly. You can go for different boards and hoardings of PizzaHut, Domino’s and some other pizza making food chain for that little sweet touch.

Overall, a pizza theme party is very engaging and fun. It will not fail in meeting the level of happiness for the one it is planned for and also or the guests. It can be a little hard to organize such a lovely idea all by yourself so do not think that is the case. Just contact CHEERFULWE and have the best of the help for your desire pizza theme birthday party.


Expressing yourself is important

Every relationship sails on one of the most prominent feature and that is mutual understanding.  Which brings a sense of realizing the needs of one another. Even though your partner is equipped with such super powers. You may still need to expressing yourself sometimes. It is fine to be less climactic about your relationship. Yet a little expression than nothing serves more affection in this entire universe.

There is no such thing like right time to burst your emotions in front of your dear ones. You can show them the love and devotion you have in your heart at any given instance of time. Never be afraid that you might fail to unmask all that abundance of fondness. Cause you will get plenty of such opportunities and these opportunities wake up everyday as you breathe. Being an introvert is fine but being a black box is absolutely wrong. You cannot expect to have a healthy relationship for a very long period of time if you always keep emotions wrap or kept aside. These small yet very crucial emotions need to meet the person they have being molded for. It is not a work of strength but does take an effort in count.

Expressing yourself with Love

All you need is some time to spend with your dearies in more of reality and less of the virtual world. Humans are good with the expression of speech and we must take it into use. So as to bind the most important figures of our lives together. There are thousands of medium to let yourself melt prior your partner and the choice is completely in your hands. A nice dinner or a peaceful eatery can work wonders and will bring an all new zest to your relationship. Because there is nothing better than sharing love intact in a piece of bread.

Gifts are always going to stay as a symbol of affection as they count more for the emotion and less for the price. Never the less,You are in no need to buy a gift high in cost and simply go for the small stuffs that can easily translate your empathy. A small walk side by side your partner is beneficiary. You can share some words in affluence. So stop talking to your inner conscience and let your love be it.



“happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.”
A well said lines by napoleon hill which truly describes the actual context of happiness in the universe. Everyone faces happiness as well as sorrows in their lives. But, what makes either of these emotions livable is the presence of our dear ones. We always wish to celebrate our happy days with our favorite humans because that is what makes that moment ten times more beautiful.

However, we are too busy in our parallel world of monotonous work routine that we lapse in making their time good even once in a while. They know that we love them but they will appreciate it more if we will show that love. For some, it is hard to express their bulky love as such and in such case you should not wait and watch but look for help.

The way to make your loved ones smile is not a difficult task and to make it a little more easier, we will support you, help you and add gallons of ideas in your plans. This is a very healthy way to sustain as well as maintain a relationship. Lack of time, excess of work a nd other similar factors can add a layer of rust on any relationship. So, it is necessary to remix things so that a new impression can make that relationship shine much more brighter. The picture looks much more perfect when the one you hold dearest in your heart is happy .

CHEERFUL WE is one such organization which works little for their profit and more for your satisfaction. Situations like this falls directly in our domain and we have a lot of ideas to deal with it. Happiness is the key to salvation. And all of us wish to attain it on every stage of our life. So, do not sit back and let the time play the tracks itself. You got to move and remember that you are not alone. CHEERFULWE is always at your service to help you renovate your life with more.



“The most precious jewel around your neck are the arms of your loved ones”.
This is such a well quote by someone with great clarity of mind. Regarding the concept of bonding and its importance in the life time of a person. Every human being is surrounded by so many personalities. But only few among them qualifies as the ultimate part of their life. Everything in relations depends upon the bonding shared among you and them. Bond is a like a string that holds the two individuals together in any kind of relationship. We have to nourish this bond so that it never finds a loop in between.

A simple life with no mixed track in it may be a cuisine of choice for some but most of us admire the happy time with little fun elements as it brings more life to our bond. There is nothing much you need to do in order to maintain your bond but some special plans can set every thing into awe struck moment. CHEERFUL WE can help you out if you are still thinking what you exactly need to do. Do not hide your feeling or neglect the possibility that time may erode the strength of this bond. Make a special time for your important person and celebrate the beautiful bond that the two of you share.


A dinner date is definitely one of the best idea to revive the old vibes in your relationship. A dinner date also helps in making a relationship stronger. Gifts are always best to play with your loved ones. There can be plenty of such ideas and each one of them is perfect in itself but the main part is to organize that idea in a way that it can deliver the same amount of gratitude as you have in your heart. Expert advise and help can never go in vain so do not lapse in making the full use of our services whenever you feel like. We are happy to work because that will make your time extravagant.



What do you think is better than celebrating happiness with your friends? I don’t think there is any thing in its counter part. Parties are lovable to all and everyone of us simply tend to enjoy it to its fullest. Surprise movie party is one such fascinating idea to stir more fun in any party planned. You can also call it party with comfort. Going to a theater with your gang is the best part of school or college life but have you ever considered bringing theater to you own room?

May be not but do not feel melancholy about it. Because CHEERFULWE can help you achieve a wonderful Surprise Movie Party now. We will provide you with all our assistance to take this movie trip to its precision for sure. We will rent a room for you depending on the number of guests you are expecting. Seating will be the most extravagant part of this whole party arrangement. We will lay mattresses along with cushions and pillows to add more of the comfort. You will be watching the movie of your choice on a large screen. The lightening will be similar to that in a movie hall.


Popcorn and coke will be at your disposal to make your experience more perfect. Food will be as per your choice and under your budget. However, if you wish then you can manage the catering department yourself. To make the venue look and feel more like a theater, we can add a fun element like fake movie tickets. Like the name suggest, let this party be a full surprise bash and then unravel the gallons of excitement and contentment on the face of your friends when you bring them to this party. This is not just for the whole gang to celebrate but a couple time can also be very well cherished in such atmosphere. Cheerful we is expert in arranging such environment so that the time countable even for a second is memorable.



Most of the times the life becomes hard to live. This is the situation almost everyone in this world faces. But what makes it bearable in those times is the presence of the people who care about us. Relations are one of the essential commodities in every individual’s life. There are thousands of relations that we share in our vicinity. But are all of those relations take our stand when we need or understand our needs? A minimal of those relationship set gives us the most prior and important relationships of our life. It can be with anyone be it a friend, mother, father, girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, sister/brother etc. But the common factor in all these sorts of relationship is that they expect nothing more from you but immense love.

There are few who believes in the typical Bollywood style agenda of living the life. Like with the songs in the mountains, Dancing on the street, Singing in the middle of no-where and what more. But, there is a subtle way as well to show your more genuine and intense love. The love that comes out and lives above all these tricks and picks is simple quality time. Yes, it’s just that simple. All you need is to reschedule your busy day into a day with your important person. Doing things that can help bring the energy back to your relationship. Either it has died or to make it stronger than now. It does not matter whether you are understandable to each other or not. Even when you do not utter your emotions, It is always a good idea to change things in once a while.

Celebrating your bond and love is never going to be judged as over dramatic. A dinner date, an unexpected present, a small Eat-Your-Favorite-Meal time, and much more such ideas is a bang to reinvent the zest in your relationship. CHEERFULWE is a firm that believes in this very same ideology and works in order to help you take your relationship goals to success. So, let us know if you are willing to join extra and ordinary even for a day in your relationship status.


Why Husband Should Take her Wife for Romantic Dinner On Karwa Chauth


Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrated every year to commemorate the beauty of the bond and love that a husband and wife share in their relationship. Despite of all the difficulties faced during the day while on fast, it is such an important as well as a precious day to all of these ladies.

karwa chauth

Karwa Chauth

The day finally ends with them eating food and receiving lots of gifts from their beloved partners. However, For a man this can be the time when you can show your woman that even you know the right way to show love and that does not end or start with just a gift. It is a responsibility for a husband to bring the smile on the face of his wife and even though a small token of love can help in making that happen, You should chase for big this time. CheerfulWe is here to help you in your endeavor and we promise to be an assert in transforming this day into a special time.

A well planned Romantic Dinner can place its charm efficiently in bringing about the best on this day. After a whole day without food and water who do you think will not prefer a dinner night. That too in an alluring and charming atmosphere with music so light and soothing playing in the background? Well no one we assure.

Everything will be tranquil and lovable so that you and your partner will get the time to appreciate each other over a delicious meal. It can be an elegant candle light dinner or a general date night and it completely depends on your choice. The date of karwa chauth is approaching and your lady love might have already started preparing for it. So, you should not fall back as well in playing your part as a loving partner.

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Balloon love party

Surprises are always the best and the most anticipated gift for anyone. An impromptu gift is also equally sound to express the love but a well-planned surprise carries a special beauty in it which multiplies the count of happiness for the person it is planned for.It is so true that the value of the gift is that it is given but it becomes more special depending on the way it is given. Birthdays and anniversaries are some marked days in a year where you get to show off your love without.


Balloon party
Balloon party

Birthdays and anniversaries are some marked days in a year where you get to show off your love without fear that you may come out as too melodramatic. It is not just a day for them but also yours as you get to make it way more memorable. There lies a lot of options to transform one such day into a perfect picture and it sometimes

There lies a lot of options to transform one such day into a perfect picture and it sometimes becomes hard to decide which way to go. But there is no need of worry because the most exceptional charm is always hidden in the fundamental and ordinary. Who does not love colorful balloons? Well most of us do then imagine a whole balloons decorated party. It is always in your budget and beyond marvelous.


Balloon Decoration
Balloon Decoration


It is not just balloons that will capture the whole place but also some contrasting elements like ribbons, candles, flowers and few more kinds of stuff. And all of that according to your wish and your partner’s desire. There are many options for balloons as we like same colored balloons, dual color balloons or multi-colored balloons. The best part is that it is not just a theme for couples but any relationship you hold. Cause, balloons can transmit any form of love be it husband and wife or friends too.

You may come to a point where you will feel that so many balloons are nearly impossible and then you may decide to quit but please don’t. CheerfulWe are always there to help you out of every problem you have to make your time with your partner beautiful. Once you contact us, you can unburden yourself for sure. Balloon Love Party in Bhopal.



Everyone has his/her own fantasies and desires in their life. Many of us are lucky enough to actually live them. But the joy of happiness immensely increases as we share our love with our love.We all are tied in this monotonous routine of every day where we have turned our backs from doors of exploration. The optimal solution to bring freshness to your life along with the life of your dear one is here. And guess what? You don’t need to book a long vacation to some foreign land. Spending a nice day out with your partner will be just pitch-perfect. Smiling alone is great but the real happiness comes along with your other half.

So Starting with your own city, looking out for places you have not been to, and share that experiment time with your other half. It is a blend of interesting and sweet. No human can ever resist a place full of delicious food and amorous environment. It is such a basic step which can bring some remarkable changes in your relationship goals and positive changes.

Exploring Happiness With Your Partner DinnerExploring happiness with your partner Experiences








There can be a long list of activities that you can squeeze your partner in with. This list depends on your own since no one else can know what brings happiness to you and your partner. There can be plenty of things you can go for- like eating a meal together somewhere out or a simple walk with hand in hand.Well, there is no limit to such things and you have the choice in your hands. The all-time most preferably includes a nice lunch or dinner in a place that can support you in your little trial of blossoming that love you hold so precious.

If you are stuck somewhere then don’t wait up to reach CHEERFULWE.  We care about your good time hence probably we can help you out in any sort of dilemma you have related to the place you want to go or presents you wish to gift and some more stuff like this. We are just a network away. Reaching us is all you need and the rest is partially our responsibility too. So realize it soon because happiness is happier when you delve into along with the love of your life.


Candle light dinner in Bhopal

Do you also agree that apart from melody songs in mountains, candle light dinner steals the light for a romantic getaway?
Well yes of course. Who would not like to sit beside their charming other half in the dim light illuminated with scented candles and eat not just to their stomach but to the heart as well. It is not the cliche~ concept if someone is wondering because making it dramatic or not is purely in your own hands.You can always turn towards simplicity or infinity based on your choice. For the fact, dinners are never overrated. It is not just about eating delicious food in some fancy place. But also spending some quality time together. That too in a no-noise-musical environment and learn few more things about each other.

Pre-planned candle light dinner is far more better than random eateries as this will reflect the efforts you have made. It is not a one time experience. So, even if you have already experienced this beautiful moment with your loved ones. There is still so much to enjoy every time you eat together. Like an old saying “path to heart is through stomach” so it is a perfect time to take this note into consideration and enjoy a tasty meal in an ambient atmosphere with the most admirable person your life.

At CheerfulWe we help you to decorate such a special time and make it more precise to your fantasy. Just a call is what we wait for and the rest is at your service. So do not hold up and come out in dark to enjoy the brightest time together.


Tattoo Making

Tattoo is an unique art that influences major minds. Tattoo making is a form of a design that is etched in the skin using ink and needles. People all around the globe get attraction towards tattoos. It doesn’t matter if it is a permanent or temporary. This art is performed on the body part according to your choice by the specialized people who are trained for many years and have expertise to make.

There are no side effects by these tattoos as they use high quality tattoo machine and ink. They also give guidance to you in detail of the precautions you have to make, if any. It is more close to the youth as they want to try something innovative and creative. They have their own ideas. It is in trend nowadays that couples like boyfriend/girlfriend or married too uses tattoo to express their love. People mostly tattoo the name of their partner on their hand. It is a special form form to express your love and is more trustful. It shows that unlike their tattoo their love is also permanent.


But,but,but…if anyone is investing money, they should invest in the best , so “CheerfulWe” is a platform for your every query. They provide you to the best of the tattoo makers you can rely on. You don’t have to spend your time in searching, you will get the best deals and offers by following and making an account on CheerfulWe. It is very good for the partners as they will get discounts also and they can make their relationship memorable for the lifetime. It is affordable as we have both temporary and permanent tattoos options, according to the person’s choice. Good for both extroverts as they have a curiosity to try something unique and introverts who are unable to express by mouth or their gestures and postures. Satisfaction and support by you is our motto.


Best Romantic Candlelight Dinners in Bhopal

While searching restaurants for a romantic experiences, a couple usually look for a cozy spot which is just dark and quite enough. A spot which makes them feel they are alone in the whole world! While reconnoitering the streets of Bhopal for a Candlelight dinner experiences visit at Cheerfulwe along with the above checklist and came up with 4 best Candlelight dining experiences in Bhopal.

Poolside Royal dinner

Ideal for celebrating your partner’s Anniversary, Birthday party or any other special occasion to make them feel more special.

Decorated table, roses,unlimited chefs chose a menu.

With a premium service that all awaits you to tantalize not just your taste buds but your romance as well.

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Rooftop Dinner

Ideal for celebrating occasions like promotions, birthdays etc. So, head out with your partner for a Candlelight dinner in one of the most lively locations in Bhopal. With a beautifully decorated table, serene rooftop view of Bhopal and romantic live music while enjoying a delicious meal.

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Terrace Dinner

This a most suitable idea for any casual outings, meeting someone after a long time or your first date. You can book here at CheerfulWe where we provide rose petal decorations and meals. This is awesome for the ones who don’t want something gooey romantic. This would be perfect for people wanting to spend some time with their loved ones.

Best Romantic Candlelight Dinners in Bhopal

Nature Dining

Most preferred for rekindling the romance in your LIVES! or celebrating Anniversaries.

A perfect experience to rekindle your love in New Light and relive all those memories that make you smile once a while!

CherfullWe is backed by latest infrastructural setup. Therefore, we will be providing you the best quality with approved array for any occasion party.

These all services at Cheerfulwe are rendered by inculcating Supreme quality input factors and top notch technology by employing highly experienced team members.

So, if you also want to have your any sought of the party organized. You just simply need to call us and share your requirements and budget. After which our well-experienced professionals will guide you with new and fresh ideas to arrange a memorable party for your special occasions.

So, don’t wait and call us for rocking your party and making to more SPECIAL!!

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Surprise Party

Hosting a surprise party for your loved ones is now more fun than ever!

There are many best birthday party ideas and themes.

If you are looking for a specific birthday party theme. You can quickly browse the CheerfulWe blogs which has many gorgeous birthday party ideas, themes, and party decor.

As it’s always fun to throw a surprise party for your loved ones. Planning a party and keeping it a secret which is the best part of it!

So if you have got someone special in your mind and wants to surprise them, just don’t worry and have a watch our blog for amazing ideas and parties where we use our imagination and creativity to plan a birthday party for your loved ones that they won’t forget.

We start with a fun theme idea, then build on a theme with a delicious menu, festive decoration, and engaging entertainment.

We also explore options for activity based parties, destination birthday parties, and surprise parties.

We help the guest of honor and try to make your celebrations for the ages! Browse our collection for amazing ideas.

So don’t wait and surprise you loved ones and make them feel special as an unexpected victim of the secret planning for special occasions.


Wedding  Anniversary Fun

Wedding Anniversary is a special time for a couple. It’s a chance to celebrate the love theyhave for one another. To acknowledge how much they have been through together.

A wedding anniversary is a special time for couples for celebration. It also involves exchanging gifts with one another. As you want to buy a perfect gift that shows how much you love your special one. You might want to give something that shows how much you have put into it. Also, for some couples, this poses a challenge! And when it’s to come up it can be difficult to think of an anniversary gift as you want something original, rather than cliched. Something your partner will be thrilled or delighted by. Something which makes them feel loved, understood and appreciated.

Of course, you also want a gift which shows a lot of thought has gone into it, so they should know you didn’t just remember yesterday that you had to buy something! So, here are some ideas at CheerfulWe for the anniversary gifts and surprises that not only suggest spending some quality time but also make your love feel special. personalized anniversary gifts have an extra special feel to them and are popular with both men and women alike.

Here you have an amazing offer at CheerfulWe. You can wishlist the classic gift with a bunch of romantic red roses and many more surprises. Have a look on few amazing ideas that you could purchase for your loved ones.

*Message in a Jar

*Pillow cases

*A photo frame or photo book

So come and celebrate your happily ever after at CheerfulWe and enjoy our services.


Best Thing of CheerfulWe

Tired of buying those chocolates & flowers to express your love already? Don’t worry! If you are having a tough time figuring out how you are going to make your beloved feel special. We have the perfect solution for you.whisk your beloved away to breath taking candlelight dinner places among the sweet embraces of nature to show them just how much you love them.These are not only places but unbilled experiences that will leave an imprint in your memory forever.

A candlelight dinner is suitable for different occasions, birthdays, a welcome back or another type of sentimental occasion.

A candlelight dinner can set the mood of an intimate and enjoyable time together. Therefore, your presence and the fact that you took the initiative to do something special for your loved one. We will make your candlelight dinner a memorable moment. So, sit back & check out the best romantic plans in & around Bhopal to enjoy a perfect holiday and rekindle the romance!
Go on, surprise your other half to bits!
Dine under the blinking stars & experience yet another feature of romance when you celebrate your special day with CheerfulWe in Bhopal. A special dining experience in the highlight of this package letting you revel in the charming atmosphere.



14 Romantic Ways to use Rose Petals

Rose Petal Love.CheerfulWe decided to compile a list of how rose petals are used to create a romantic evening.  Some are obvious, others are quite creative, but all will show that special someone how much they are loved.

  1. The trail.  Okay, so we start with an obvious one.  Whether it’s a sprinkling of a few here and there or a thick carpet of petals, you’ll need to create a path from the door to someplace special.

  2. The bed.  If you created a trail, chances are it leads to a bedroom.  What better way to decorate than to have rose petals strewn across the bed.  Make it a candlelit room with a rose petals and candles package.

  3. A heart.  When you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of red hearts. So, why not create one out of rose petals?

  4. Spell it with petals.  Don’t get tongue-tied, write it out using rose petals to make it perfect.

    rose petal love
    Rose Petal Love
  5. The tub.  Soothing… relaxing… some bubbles, candles and rose petals.  Sprinkle some petals around the tub to top it off.

  6. Suspended petals.  With the fishing line, you can string up petals for a really neat effect. However, this one can take some time.

  7. The drop.  With the help of friends, sprinkle the petals from a balcony or rooftop.  Make sure you come up with a signal so you have perfect timing.

  8. The Car.  Wouldn’t it be a cool surprise for someone to leave work to find a car full of petals?  Well, maybe not completely full, but you get the idea. Furthermore, Include driving instructions to a restaurant or wherever you plan to meet.

  9. Table setting.  Not going out for dinner?  A candlelight dinner at home can work just as well. Also, you can use rose petals around the table to add elegance.

  10. Yard design.  Leave a note for your someone special to look outside. So that they see your message written in rose petals across the yard.

  11. Packing. Have a surprise gift?  Pack it in rose petals.

  12. Petal notes.  Write one word of a sentence on each silk petal. And put them in order in the pages of a book they are reading or in a greeting card.  A simple, yet tasteful idea.

  13. A drawer full of petals. Empty out a drawer full of underwear and socks and replace it with petals and other fun items. Consequently, you can be creative here.

  14. Hotel room.  If you can’t get away to get into the room ahead of time, see if the hotel can decorate the room for you.  You can easily ship the petals directly to the hotel, just put your name and when you’re arriving on the label.

There are a lot of ways to use rose petals on Valentine’s Day, But these are just a few that come to mind. So, if you’re ready to get some petals, we have some great specials on rose petal packages. Also remember, you don’t have to be romantic on just one day of the year.



Why should one choose CheerfulWe?

Make your Memories more Wonderful and Cheerful

Helps in giving you the Wonderful experience- CheerfulWe is a platform which knows you and wants to serve the best for you. Everyone has some feelings for their beloved or love ones and wants to do something special for them but do not understand what to do, from where to do, how to arrange things etc. We are here to remove your confusion by providing you the best and newest of the things going in the world which ultimately gives you the wonderful experience. Adorable and special products and services will be provided to you with CheerfulWe.


Best venues of the City.

CheerfulWe partners are the hotels, restaurants and the party whose services or products you will going to avail. We acting as a third party would arrange things for you. For example, If you book “a Candlelight Dinner” with us. Then it’s our duty to get your booking place to treat you as very special guests. All the arrangements would be done before you reach the place. You just need to walk into the restaurant and show your booking message of CheerfulWe.

Trust and Quality Maintain

We have a strong team of people working for us and everyone has specifications for the work performed by them. A proper sequential order is followed so that there is no room for mistakes and quality is thus, maintained. You as our customers are our first priority, and as we are new to the market we are aiming to expand our business on a huge scale in the near future, considering you first, because if you are not serving well, we can’t move ahead.

Our Customer support and Assurance

We ensure that we will keep an utmost knowledge that services are provided to you on time without any delay. The time mentioned there on the website when you book anything with us will not exceed. We also pledge to complete the products and preparations for the services before the time.

Ease of Booking

There will be so much ease in booking as you can call on the number mentioned on the website directly, can just give a missed call, then someone from CheerfulWe will call you and resolve your query, can drop an email also on,, mention your email address and phone number on that and then you will be contacted soon.


Helps to strengthen your bond

To continue any relationship with love, affection, and feeling for each other is extremely important and it strengthens the bond between you two even more as and by the time. And what is important for you even become important for us too as you are our customers and your priority becomes our priority. Also, there should something new happen in the relationship to add sweetness in it. So, we have bought many things such as different kinds of surprises and gifts showed on our website. Candlelight dinner, Hoarding Surprise, Balloon Surprise, Exploding Box gift, Ink tattoo together are few examples.

Add-ons are available

We provide a variety of services so you can try something new every time. Many you may know but many you may not. If you are not finding anything good, we can even give you suggestions according to the interest areas you want to gift someone or want to give a surprise. We are just one platform with various options which you can’t get otherwise and might panic if you have to do or plan at the last minute. So, there is nothing to worry about till we are with you.

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We charge you the amount that you can pay to us for the products/services which are reasonable and affordable. We are just charging a nominal amount for the services we offer to you. Rest goes to the partner whose services you are ultimately availing.




Propose………There are many ways of initiating a marriage such as a formal introduction of the partners which is a

common practice in the Japanese culture. However, marriage proposals are the most common way of

initiating a marriage these days. Book Now

A marriage proposal is an event which includes two persons in a relationship, where one asks the other’s

hand for marriage and to take their relationship to the next step Propose your partner with different. ways


Proposing someone for marriage may not be as easy as it seems to be. Marriage proposals are quite

tricky and need a lot of maturities, sensibility along with a lot of love and care. A good marriage proposal

can assure your partner of a better future. If your proposal is good enough, the chances of resounding a

‘YES’ also becomes high. BOOK NOW

Although, no one can teach you how to love; love is always unconditional, we have some ideas for you

to make your proposal a special memory for you and your partner.

– The moment you propose your partner should become a memory to be cherished for life.

Forever doesn’t exist, but promising someone to be with them forever will make them feel

special and wanted. When you promise them a forever kind of relationship, you have to stand

by your partner during all the odds.

– Growing old together is what a good relationship demand. When you are young, you have the

zeal to care for each other and support each other, it is how you support your partner when you

grow old that matters. Thus, telling your partner that you want to grow old with him/her shows

your sincerity towards the relationship.


– A good sense of humor can add spark to your proposal. You can use some witty lines to impress

your life partner- to- be. Just make sure not to use cheesy lines. A little wit with a lot of love can

make a really good proposal.

– Holding hands can be really assuring and make your partner believe your words. Faith is the

most important thing in a relationship. If you gain the faith of your partner, no one can stop you

from being together. BOOK NOW

When you feel you really want to spend rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to

start as soon as possible, and you need to go propose them in the best possible way to listen to ‘YES’.


Candlelight dinner is in itself a wonderful phrase which is beautifully designed in the minds of any couple and anyone would like to experience it at least once. Also who had experienced before would like to go for “add-on” along with it. Not only it sounds amazing, it is actually something which gives a couple space from the outside world, they both get lost with each other only. In this rapidly and dynamically changing the world, it is necessary to have your personal time where one can share their love and feelings. Finding the right place and organizing as per your partner’s expectations, may sometimes become tedious and if you get this easily without much wasting time and effort, then why not go for it.

Book NOW Candlelight Dinner

Cheerfulwe is a platform which works for you and can make your evening as beautiful as you think of. It provides with the entire possible thing required at a place in a Candlelight dinner. You don’t need to make any arrangement from your side. All you need is just to walk in with your beloved and can spend the wonderful evening. The special arrangements will be in place even before you reach.

As you are booking with CheerfulWe it will be our honor to serve you the best. We ensure to treat you as a special guest. We pledge to surve you the best food with the quick and delightful service. The ambiance would be soothing according to you, filled with freshness and aroma. A special time comes rarely but, we work to make your special time memorable and long lasting. So that you have to take our services again and again. We want to establish goodwill in the market from the satisfaction of people. Experiences from our services and give us the positive feedback.

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Exploding Box

Exploding box is a multi-layer box full of excitement and surprises. This box is a silent burst of quotes and photos which explodes as we open up the box. There will be not only the photos but the memories you shared with your friend or beloved one. A wonderful thing is done, to sum up, the scattered photos in just a box. In Hindi you can know it as “ Jaadu Ka pitara”, as and when you open it, photos and quotes are open in a magical way which is prior to opening is unknown to you and later it can become a part of your life.


There will be hardly any person who doesn’t like gifts and surprises as these small things are done by your beloved for you makes you happy and realize how close you are to him/her.Expressing love is equally as important as loving someone.If love is not expressed it becomes boring, no charm, no excitement. To maintain sweetness in your relationship and the same charm when it was started, presents are necessary.


Cheerfulwe gives you an excuse to love somebody. And not only loving initially but also maintaining it for years. Cheerfulwe is that platform which fulfills all your necessities into excitement with best possible ways by day by day exploring new merchants and the people who can serve you well. Getting this with Cheerfulwe will cost you average but with the best work, maintaining the fineness and quality. There are different types of exploding boxes available, one can choose among them according to their choice. Ensuring people faith on us is our soul motto.



Hoarding Surprise


Wow, wow, wow!! Hoarding Surprise Book Now

A gigantic hoarding surprise for some time or a day is the biggest surprise. It will definitely make you the couple people talk about and will also amaze your loved one. He/she will be surprised and shocked that even being as an ordinary person. He/she can come in front of the whole world because of his/her beloved. A hoarding surprise is an anytime surprise. Either on an anniversary, birthday or any special day. People will admire their love and give them the blessings and also get to know that this can also be done for someone close to you.

Hoarding Surprise
Hoarding Surprise – BOOK NOW

Gifting clothing materials, watches, card or any precious gift is worth but they are personal. And the person who you gift to will only get to know about your love. But expressing and doing something in front of the world is much daring and impressive. People will get happy for you, they will remember your special day by that. It’s celebrating your special day with many people will give you pleasure. The hoarding will be removed after the expiry period, but the memories you will have will never fade. Cheerfulwe gives you those memories which have an everlasting impression on you. Cheerfulwe has so many things for you, that your occasions will be less than the products or services it provides so that you have options to choose and can give different surprises every time to your beloved ones.